Hakan Kıran Architectural

“I consider myself not only an architect, but also a creator. Therefore, I believe the architect should design the building from scratch, including its concept design, architecture, interior design, logo, furniture and so forth. From my own perspective, the architect should either take on the application or officially be a part of it. A design can only be transform into a creation, if a soul is placed within.”
Hakan Kıran

Established in 1992, Hakan Kıran Architectural and Construction Services Trade Company Limited, functions with its fully equipped staff members, comprising of proffessional architects, engineers, interior designers and more. We believe the importance of creativity, therefore we envision and conduct all stage and forms of creation.

Our vision is to form futuristic, functional and genuine designs based on our accurate observation and experience on traditional and historical building details. Using our aggregation of traditional, our aim is to leave exclusive buildings, which will be publically considered as works of art.

Our Services

Design is a fact which is not only for the place, as well for the relation between minor furnish in the place, and the harmony of the architecture with the city that we handle preciously at every stage. We take references from traditions and aim to create work of arts which will long for years beginning with feasibility to the key-ready in this process we offer consultancy service based on a complete and a perfect way.